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The very top bone in your neck is named Atlas. In kids, the Atlas can become translated to the right or the left. This is common to be the result of a traumatic birth, but can also be a result of normal falls made by toddlers and young children. The inflammation resulting from this translation, can cause the ear canal or Eustachian tube to not drain properly. When the canal cannot drain, the fluid build-up provides an optimal environment for bacterial growth -- which is not optimal for your child! A specific chiropractic adjustment, typically targeted to this top bone, will relieve blockage of the ear canal, allowing normal drainage to take place and reduce the incidence of ear infections. 

45 children with ear infections were treated with chiropractic adjustments. Of those, 93% of the cases were resolved under care. 75% within 10 days or less. J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 1996 Mar-Apr; 19(3): 169-77.

Chiropractic care is a safe means to addressing ear infections. Treating ear infections with antibiotics, can leave the child's immune system vulnerable to not only future ear infections, but other ailments as well. Nearly 60% of person's immune system function comes from proper gut flora (the balance of good bacteria to bad bacteria in a person's GI tract). Antibiotics have no way of targeting ONLY the bad bacteria - - they target ALL bacteria; even the good stuff! Therefore, taking multiple rounds of antibiotics can greatly diminish the overall health of the gut flora. Antibiotics, while they are great and can be life-saving in some instances, can be detrimental to the immune system if over-used.

Ear infection treatment at Millard Oaks Chiropractic in Millard. Serving the Omaha, NE area for chiropractic and massage therapy needs.

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